Antonio Di Cristofano


“......le tout porté par une parfaite maitrise technique et une finesse d’exécution savvament dosée. Le son en devient cristallin....L’équilibre des mains associé à une sensualité naturelle donne un rendu tout simplement limpide, et tout aussi magnifique.... ”
(Nancy, L’Est Républicain 2007)

“......perlender und carter anschlag arbeitete sie lebendig heraus und auch den mittelsatz in seiner einfachen leidform vermittelte er sehr kantabel und leicht…..........wie jemand eine ballade vorliest der den grusel moglichst raffiniert vorbereiten will. Zugaben von Chopin und Skrjabin als „Bonbon”
(Oberhausen, Fedrizzi 2007)

“La interpretacion del pianista fue trasparente y cristallina (Mozart)…………Sonata op. 1 de Berg………….Di Cristofano traduco magistralmente esta joya de transicion………La fine sensibilidad del pianista nos regalò, con Berg y Scriabin, dos modernas maravillas”
(Lopez, ABC, Siviglia 2005)

“…………Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. Featuring the enormous talent of guest pianist Antonio di Cristofano, the performance touched every emotion in the musical lexicon. Its touch was secure, bold and assured, as well as gentle. Di Cristofano is a pianist of monumental proportion. The gentleman literally commanded the piano with the calm assurance of an admiral balanced by the sure power of a chief boatswain's mate. …The pianist caught the composer's "Russianness," his love of the melancholy, especially in the second Adagio movement. He did so without ignoring the lyrical, melodious, exotic and expressive aspects of Rachmaninoff's musical personality so dominant in the Allegro third movement. The guest performer, in recognition of the lengthy thunder of the audience's standing ovation, then performed an encore, Scriabin’s Prelude to be played with one hand. What di Cristofano did with one hand would easily flummox a pianistic octopus….”
(Lafayette, Daily Advertaiser, Ray Blum 2008)